Cadillac Introduces New Black Chrome Package

Cadillac Black Chrome ChantillyShow off your style with the new black chrome packages on some of the latest Cadillac models. These packages are designed to further enhance the style of the vehicles with a range of aesthetic changes. Most of these changes are to the exterior, and the specifics of the black chrome package depend on the vehicle you choose.

Black Chrome Package Availability

If you are interested in taking advantage of the new Black Chrome Packages, you will need to go with an ATS or CTS model. The ATS offers this package on the coupe and sedan models whether they have rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and run on the 2.0T or 3.6-liter V6 engine. The only restriction is that they must be the Luxury or Performance Collection models. For the CTS, you can only get the Black Chrome Package with the 4-door, but you can still get it with either of the drivetrains and either engine. On the CTS, the package is on option for the Luxury, Performance, and Premium collections.

What You Get in the Black Chrome Package

Adding the black chrome package to your Cadillac ATS or CTS will give you accents in black chrome on the grille along with a rear fascia accent. It also adds gloss black window moldings, color-keyed door handles, and the premium “After Midnight” finish for your 18-inch alloy wheels. There are also a few different exterior color choices to choose from with the package, including Raven Black for the ATS and Jet Black for the CTS.

For help figuring out whether your chosen Cadillac model is eligible for the new black chrome package, talk to the team at Moore Cadillac. Our friendly Chantilly, Virginia, staff will gladly go over the package pricing and options in more detail.