Stock up on Ideas at the Home & Remodeling Show!

2017 Home & Remodeling Show Chantilly

When a person is looking for information on how renovations and how to modernize their home they should check out the Home and Remodeling Show. They will see how they can change their home with some improvement ideas.

Smart Homes

This home show will allow a person to see all the ways they can make their home smarter. There are many appliances that can be control by smartphones and similar devices. A person can unlock their doors and even turn on lights with their phone. They will get to see the new technology at this home show.


There will be a number of home designers at this show to allow a person to see the new trends to modernize their home. They will see the latest in home décor including furniture. They will get to see the new styles and find something that will fit into their home. There are many different styles to browse through. These designs are modern and contemporary.


Having a lounge at home is a new trend that many people are enjoying. They can get ideas at this home show so they can make their own lounge. Wine lounges are popular now as well. A person can set up a space for their wine and some styles to go with this. They can sit back and relax in this room after a hard day at work.

These are some of the things that people can see when they attend the home show. This show will give them ideas on how to improve their home.